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Fappy Bat v1

3 April 21

That can be hentai parody game for many devotees of"Sonic" out there... but only as long as they enjoy personalities of Rouge the Bat and Topaz over gloomy supersonic hedgehog as they will be the main characters of the game. The narrative starts with wicked scientist Eggman shooting Topaz and now willing to examine some sort of fresh tentacles on her (ofcourse these evaluations will incorporate a great deal of fuck-fest in all Topaz' fuckholes). Now it is up to Rouge to save this ultra-cute blondie because she can fly up in the sky and manuever inbetween giant tentacles on her way to the final boss - hudge robot! Genre of the game is"flapping arcade" at which you'll need to use spacebar to correct the elevation of Rouge's flight along with othe manuevers. This version includes three levels and in-game hentai gallery.