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23 June 18

The game's title is Billiball. If you think that's fairly unusual name for the sport then it's only because it's truly the mix of two different matches - billiard and roll-the-ball. And more significant - this is mix! You'll be playing the desk that consits of 15 cells. Every cell has a few - type 1 to 15. You also can get 7 billiard nads around the table and one milky ball that you'll be playing . Simply earn a strike and count your things - it is going to probably be the number of all squares which has a ball after their ceased their motion. However, you will not be playing - you'll be playing really hot sensual version. She'll conduct a hit after you and also the person who receives the fatter amount ultimately will win the round. Every time you'll win she takes some of her clothing!

BilliBall-4 (Duo)

19 March 23

BilliBall is a game that will test your billiard skills. However, this time you won't be aiming for pockets, but instead aim for areas with the most scores. The 4th edition will feature a virtual opponent. To advance to the next level, your sum of points should be greater than the opponent's. Yes, higher levels will mean less clothing for our blonde dancer.