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Invite your friends to play a Fantasy you prefer. You may spend time with them, catch up on old times and play your beloved game. You never know, they may want to get it for themselves so you can play together from the comfort of your own homes. These Fantasy are all played heterosexual from the website, so you won't need to worry about things like registration, downloading, and other importunate shit that can indeed take the air out of your ball-sac. It also makes it easy to play multiple games all at the same time, for-you multi tasking fappers out there. If you observe anime then you very likely already have a need for jerking off on a daily basis due to some deficiency of individual interaction along with basic fulfillment in your everyday life. Lucky for you, this website can provide something close to that thanks to the wide array of Hentai-based interactive Fantasy it has available -- these Fantasy allow you to play dress-up, or win the affection and eventually fuck several different honies from all kinds of animes. There are over 5000 Fantasy on here which feature anime honies from all kinds of animes, regardless if they're old or new.

Fiora: Blood Binds

19 April 21

This is going to be a story about Fiora Laurent who even though she comes from the most powerful family of teh Kingdom is still pretty close to battlefield and even has mastered the skill of a duelist more than any other skills that a princess should have. But will such talents pay her any good service in what is about to happen within the royal palace next? Actually it is not easy to response this question because from now for you as a player will be making choices and affecting the story by sending it in one or another direction. Mysteries, intrigues, struggle for power and ofcourse a great deal of orgy - this is what is going to pack Fiora Laurent's lifetime from now on! And you are welcomed to develop into the most important part of it in this interactive venture for adult audience only.


20 July 18

In this trendy flash game you will meet a sweet chick named Miaka. Your duty is to run a suitable dialogue to be able to lure and fuck a big-titted brown-haired. Moreover, you will have to use the mouse to interact with the game. So very first take a look at the game screen. At the top left you will see the control panel. Click on the panel to commence a dialogue. Use the correct answers to make Miaka more horny. Then the brown-haired will enable you to play with her. Click on her clothing to take them off. Then commence massaging her big tits and twisting her pink puffies. Miaka became damp. She wants to taste your cock. Give her what she wants and then fuck big-titted Miaka in her pink crevasses until she reaches orgasm. Do it now.

Sanguine Rose [v Alpha 1.0.2]

25 July 18

"Sanguine Rose" is a pure visual novel escapade that take splace in a fantasy kingdom so you barley should be surprised to see quite sexy elves or in all means big orcs besides the usual humans. Ofcourse fanatsy setting really isn't the sole thing that might make you interested in this project and besides that you will also find characters that are non-standrad as well as an awesome excellent artowrks. For example the most important herien of this story will be Carmen Valentine who was caught by the team of mercenaries and now has to find the way to escape from them no matter what things she will have to do for that... And ofcourse like in any otehr good visual novel all your choices through the story will form a particular way that will lead to one of few possible endings.

Pussymon: Scene 32

13 September 18

While you were playing through more than three dozens(!) Sequences of the Pussymon sage you have build one storng team of characters that was helping you all about but it would appear that new character is prepared to join your little party from now on. But that is obviously not the only addition to the game and even besides conventional new set of pussymons and animations with them you will also get some new interesting gameplay features too! For example the system of options and consequences will have even more effect on your type of walktrhough plus new system of battles with NPC and your companions tamers! Also see that the side pursuit is replayable but secret scene will end up availabel only in case you will make a proper choice in certain situation.

Magical Forest

1 October 18

In the innards of a magical forest there a charming youthfull witch lives. And like any beautiful gal she enrolls male attention...

Sanguine Rose - Alpha 1.0.0

1 October 18

Sanguine Rose is an sexy visual novel set in an exceedingly fancy medieval world. You play as Roman, a mercenary tasked with catching and delivering a high-level enemy general, a lady named Carmen Valentine. This Carmen Valentine is sort of a fairly and domineering person. Well, a minimum of she was like that till tonight, once she was captured by a pile of some mercanari, and currently they're all resting within the building and attempting to make a determination what to try to to together with her next. Therefore use your mouse and keyboard to act with the game. Fuck Carmen Valentine in her taut slit and round backside to deliver her to multiple orgasms. Then pack her face with a lot of goopy semen. Then Carmen can tell you all the dirty secrets. Therefore let's begin the game.

GH: Earth and Sky Deluxe

3 May 21

Merely one of the games that except that the fave sensuous and manga porn components in addition encompasses a heap of alternative pleasure things to try and do - by handling your squad to make use of strategic selections on the struggle. At intervals this outstanding sci-fi tehmed journey you will be in the middle of amount of dozens! Of various damsels that is not mentioning three legendary ladies and seven covert across the sport figures therefore it is going to be quite basic to fogret on your most vital aims... elementary tho perhaps not unlikely therefore keep a be careful for every and each side of your squad and plan to unite updates within the only ways in which. Explore places cautious enough, organize your buys and plan to calculate that the strategy directions as before long as you'll - that's aiming to become your secret to success during this particular world.

Pussymon: Episode 40

12 November 18

Episode 40! Quite a number for a petite manga porn parody project, don't you think? But it seems that you guys truly like this game series so waste no more time and leap in into the world of fur covered and sexy pussymons once again! First of all this gig is a bit shorter than usual but only because the next gig is going to be Halloween unique and author wnats it to be... well, particular! As for the story of this chapter then it is going to be titled as"The Queen's Request" and really give sit's key idea right away. But if you need more details and new sexy pussymons and new interesting quests and new fuckfest cards and new animations then you finer embark playing right now because we ain't going to ruin the fun simply by describing it here. Enjoy!

Quickie: Halloween Off the hook (Public)

17 December 18

As many other game series this serie sof manga porn visual novels titled as"Quickie" has special gigs and today you are going to play among them and it will be the Halloween Special! The idea of this particular scene is to take all the familiar characters from the main series which you have meet in different gigs and put them all into medieval fantasy world packed with magic, warriors and monsters! As it was mention you will meet already familiar characters in unexplored setting so it's going to be very helpfull in the event you have played their original stories before embarking this one - all of them you can get on our website. As for the gameplay it is still old-school visual publication which you are able to play on one of four languages by your pick.

Pussymon: Vignette 01

21 December 18

This titillating flash game will tell you the story of a normal city dweller. He wakes up every day, goes to the wc, then takes a douche and contains breakfast. After that, he goes to work, and comes home in the evening. This is undoubtedly very wonderful. The protagonist decides to slightly diversify his entire life. He will hunt for exquisite and huge-boobed nymphs to rape them. During the day, he will lead a regular life, and in his head a maniac awakens at night. You are able to go to shops, houses or other places to learn a little more info. You should also buy the right items and earn currency. And needless to say, he hunts nymphs and kiss them. For example fucking huge-boobed blonde in the garage. You will love this RPG game.

Elana, Champion of lust. Beta 1.1 of Chapter 2

18 May 21

Elana's journey will continue in Chapter 2, which is available to play right now! However, since this is a narrative-based game that has a variety of choices and consequences, you must go through the first chapter prior to beginning this one. Have you already completed it? You're doing great! The battle for power between noble houses will take to the next stage and only Elana because of the combination of her own talents will determine who will stand and who will fall in the midst of seduction and battle! This is right - in addition to combat skills, our main heroine isn't afraid to utilize her body and desire for sex as a secondary weapon that can allow her achieve greater outcomes than direct battle! However, how successful she'll be in making use of it is dependent on you from now to.

Pussymon: Episode 43

13 February 19

What's up guys, here's Pussymon: Episode 43. This one is the Xmas special that was released in december at my Patreon, here we gonna comeback to Frost Pole to help a new character achieve her fantasy. In this scene, there are 8 new Pussymon available, 27 new animations, a new character, a new side quest, over than 200 lines of text/story and also a new Easter egg featuring a new character that will be nevertheless exposed. In the next gigs I'll also bring new scenes with our lovely female companions, keep an eye on next updates. You can download this and other gigs on my Patreon webpage: A cheat manager and a bonus scene featuring a new legendary Pussymon are available in the Special Editions. New improvements: - 8 new Pussymon. - 27 new animations. - A new character. - A new side-quest. - Over than 200 lines of text/story. - A new Easter egg. Thanks to everyone who's supporting me in this project that is huge, next month there's much more to come. Let me know if you find some error or bug, so I can fix it. See you afterward. To find the Easter egg: You just need to come in area 04 at early morning (when you have total stamina).

Sex to Death

15 March 19

The story with quiet creepy yet at precisely the exact same time titillating title"Sex to death" will tell you abotu a typical man named Tom. Well, at leats he wa sordinary until he foudn a magic book and tried one of ummoning spells from it... and also this spell actually worked! Who might a youthful dude who cravings about having hump 24 hours each day to summon form the otehr wolrd? The response is demonstrable - he called for succubus, a person who feeds studs's energy through having hump with them. But what if Tom has foreseen such turn of events and contains a plan on tricking this demon? Or may be this demon has seen lots of dudes like Tom and know all of his tricks already? Play this not very hard game and enjoy the story through well-made CG artstyle to see which one of our heroes will get the winner of this battle of minds!

Spectacular Magic 3

15 March 19

This really is a third (overall there are five of them at the moment) chapter of an escapade games with storng elements of point-and-click quests and erotic themes. Once again you are enjoying as youthful mage who is certainly lacks of wisdom and owing to that always get into strange and dangerous situations nevertheless magical abilites and humor are always helping them not only to get out of them in one pice but also to have a hot chick at the end! Ofcoruse with solving puzzles ofcourse, if he will be helped by the player. For example in this chapter you will have to solve puzzles so as to discover the way to the mansion of some evil monster who has captured sexy looking fairy (who might remind you of such favored character as Tinkerbell a small bit) and to rescue her.

Billy's Quest

15 March 19

Edit: The re-release of the real-time rpg game, today known as Billy's Quest. Original Post: Explore a vast world. Fight Wolves, Orcs, Giant Spiders and dozens others in Real-time combat. Collect shiny armour, powerful weapons, and hundreds of other items. Liked the game? Why not spend 2 seconds and recommend it for a collection? Or write a comment below? ---------- Release Version 1.04.0: ---------- Release Version 1.03.1 C: I immovable the rest of teh bugs people have commented/PM me about. If you are still experiencing glitches please let me know! ---------- Release Version 1.03.1 B: Apparently it still wasn't working for individuals, I tried something new this time. It should now work...for sure. Now when you play the tutorial it should be able to get past the fade to black part. ---------- Release Version 1.03.1: Fixed a couple tenuous difficulties. Largely the bothersome tutorial part (I forgot a = sign...) If it still causes issues please leave a comment below. ---------- Release Version 1.03: First public release. If you find a bug please post a comment below or over the official facebook group argument boards. All instructions and tutorials are available in-game.

Stunning Magic 4

17 March 19

"Sexy Magic" is a collection of old-school quest games where you are going to pay a visit to a fantasy kingdom. And as it always happens with fantasy kingdoms they are packed with magic and sexy ladies that you could use this magic on! Well, besides all the other items that you will still have to interact to solve the puzzles. And if you would like to get to these sexy ladies, you will have to fix these puzzles. Also during locations of this chapte ryou might want to get as fast as possible for an additional reason - this sequence is taking place in hell! On the otehr side where else you can meet th emost sexy and ultra-kinky chicks? So locate them and help them so you could not only run away this place but also get an extra reward! Notice that this game is 4th sequence of 5 at the moment and all other scenes you can find on our website.

Killer Magic

17 May 21

Thsi game can take you back into instances where beautiful girls was dwelling in high castles and always desired for a knight to save them. By the way, you will acquire tyour chance to save one of them but you will be doing it not as the knight but as a mage. Well, because mages have magic wands which are very beneficial to stir objects around and make them interact without getting involved personally. And youw ill need to interact with objects becaus ethe main gameplay scheme is much like old point and click quests where you will need to solve a puzzle or few of them in one location so you could stir to the next. Ofcourse thsi damsel that you are going to save will still be gratefull and may be even reward you sooner since there are no intense armors for you to eliminate...

The Maze:D traveller

18 March 19

Hi everyone. More than a decade ago,I never thought I could publish a game on newgrounds as a game developer. Not to mention a adult game. Now I'm here. I'm PinkZerda. Hope you like my work:) If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swf document for webmasters: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the very first version of a new adult RPG referred to as"The Maze:D Traveller". You've accidentally uncovered a magical portal to another field inside the drawer of your bedroom desk. You have transported to a different dimension along with your space after being drawn in against your will! Now you have to find your place in this hostile, new world. Build your harem of hot, warrior honeys; choose their garbs; explore creepy locations together; fight through mazes total of lustful monsters; conclude quests and witness some horny, fantasy gals get fucked. Enjoy this expansive throwback to classical, basement crawling, western RPG's... with a sexy twist.

POTEMAYO Vol. 4 (Meitantei Conan) [English]

29 April 19

Another set of short stories from the world of "Detective Conan" that will allow you see the familiar characters from a totally different perspective - the one that can only be seen in the hentai parody genre! In one story, you'll be able to see what entertainment the wealthy crowd enjoys on a cruise, and the second story will be set in a an extremely bizarre castle!

The Needle The Specimen And Mayuri-sama

30 April 19

Long, green hair, large round tits, and a shaved pissy This is how Nel Tu from "Bleach" is going to appear in the comics, and, of course, such looks are likely to give her a big and hard cock soon! You may know what's coming always shy Nel Tu will fiss and be fucked like an actual hot slut! For all lovers of "Bleach" andfor all lovers of Hentai.

Magic mushroom 3

30 April 19

The blonde beauty doesn't appear to be the most pretty around, and her bodycurves aren't those that would grab your interest... But things are about to change after she's discovered the mystical mushroom! What kind of effects does it produce and what effects does it bring? There is plenty to explore about it, but one thing is for certain that this research is going to be very exciting!

WinxClub DS Comic

30 April 19

The magical group of girls from the "Winx Club" has been able to defeat large and deadly monsters, but this one is sure to be something unique - unlike the other monsters, this one is into sexually sexy flings, so the appearance of five amazing sluts makes him extremely powerful! The tentacles are exploding across the battelfield, and every time a new one is released, the Winx girls are having lower chances of winning...

[Okada Masanao] Mesu Note ch.1

30 April 19

A certain dude would love to get a hold of the busty girl who he is aware of, but it's only in his imagination because the guy is a complete loser. But what if he could have the chance to fulfill all of his fantasies about kinks to life? Perhaps there will be some dark magic in the mix and we're all aware that it could be dangerous, but the dude hasn't even had any thoughts on dangers, all his thoughts are focused on large tits now!

[Drawn-Sex] Dannys cousin

30 April 19

Although Danny Fenton is delaing with various ghosts on a regularly, he does make mistakes from time to time. For instance, tonight he was unaware that it's dangerous to share your hopes and wishes out loud, because you never know who might be listening! Yes, his dreams will be heard, and more, they will be fulfilled by Desire... however, she will be able to realize them within her perverted understanding of the world of Occurse!